Midwest Dowel Bar Basket & Concrete Joint Sealing

Concrete paving operations can be large, complex and stressful. Dormark Construction can help take some of the stress off by installing dowel bar baskets and sealing joints. Alleviating a couple of extra steps and allowing the paving contractor to concentrate on paving operation. We have worked with both string and string-less paving jobs and pride ourselves on communicating with the paving contractor for a smooth and trouble free experience.

Midwest Dowel Bar Basket & Joint Sealing

Along with dowel bar basket placement, Dormark Construction is proud to be the innovator of our self propelled drill rig for drilling tie-bar steel or larger dowel bars for airport paving. Utilizing a Gomaco three track machine we can attach our dowel bar drilling rig and either work from grade or walk on existing roadway / runway, drilling multiple holes simultaneously for a faster more accurate finished product. We are currently able to drill six holes, number five bar, fifteen inches deep in about a minute and a half with a three man crew saving the paving contractor time as jobs are getting ever shorter on work days allowed.

Also, more and more contracting authorities are no longer allowing tie bars to be inserted behind the slip-form paver without adequate vibration. Dormark Construction provides a full service of drilling, epoxy injection, and installation of dowel bars. Also, with the ever growing silica regulations we have decided to be pro-active and installed a vacuum system, a full year ahead of OSHA implemented regulations to handle silica dust. This operation complies with all current OSHA regulations surrounding silica dust containment.

Dormark Construction utilizes two Crafco 250 gallon tar kettles for our sealing applications assuring that we can get even the biggest projects done in a timely manner. We believe in well maintained equipment to prevent down time so each of our machines are routinely serviced and kept in excellent operating condition. Our sealing crews are well trained with years of experience and can handle any job, no matter the size while maintaining a high level of safety.

While a majority of our sealing projects are roadways, we also have vast experience in airport runway and taxiway sealing using backer rod and silicone pumps. We have all of the experience, tools and knowledge to effectively media blast and seal any airport project no matter the size or complexity.