Midwest Slip-Form Concrete Barrier Rails & Medians

Dormark Concrete Slip-Forming Services

Dormark Construction is a leader in the slip-forming of concrete barrier rails and medians in the Midwest. With our vast experience and innovative thinking combined with a competent workforce, we are able to get jobs done ahead of schedule and without jeopardizing a tight budget.

Our Concrete Slip-Forming History

Over the years contracting authorities, along with fellow contractors, have praised our work ethic. We believe in getting our work done and not letting obstacles get in our way or slow us down. We purchased our first slip-form paving machine in 1994 and have gradually grown larger and taken on more complex concrete median and side barrier jobs around the Midwest as the years have progressed. In 2004 we added a second slip-form paving machine to our fleet and again in 2014 as we strive to stay competitive and keep up with new concrete slip-forming technology.

Midwest Concrete Slip-Form Barriers & Medians

Our Concrete Slip-Forming Future

In 2019 we will be celebrating 25 years of slip-forming concrete barrier rails and medians across the Midwest! This is a huge testament to the knowledge and determination of our hardworking crews and our entire company as a whole.

No concrete slip-forming job is too big or too small! From small bridges to large interstate projects tens of thousands of feet long. We have the ability to complete a job from start to finish no matter how simple or complex the project might be.

Our Concrete Slip-Forming Partners

Dormark Construction has had a long running friendship with GOMACO Corp, the worldwide leader in concrete paving technology. We use multiple Gomaco machines in our concrete slip-forming division. Because of our ability, Gomaco has utilized us as a contact and an example of the full potential of their equipment.

Over the years Gomaco International has brought delegations from around the world to our job sites to showcase what can be done with their equipment. We have had the pleasure of sharing our knowledge with others to advance our line of work in other countries.

Our Concrete Slip-Forming Promise

We promise to give your next concrete slip-forming project the best experience, communication and safety we can provide as a leading contractor in the concrete construction field. Contact us today and our experienced staff can give you the answers and insight you need for your next concrete slip-forming project any where in the Midwest.