Midwest Placing Reinforcing Steel

Since the inception of Dormark Construction in 1977, we have been a leader in the rebar reinforcing field. Over the years Dormark Construction has been a part of some of the largest bridge construction projects in Iowa and throughout the Midwest. Contractors have come to depend on our attention to detail and our ability to get the job done on, or ahead of time. With decreased days allowed to complete jobs and ever changing weather patterns, it is imperative that prime contractors find a steel tying company that will go that extra mile.

Dormark Construction is that company.

We consider the companies that we work with as partners and teammates with a common goal... Success!

Midwest Placing Reinforcing Steel

As with all of our construction projects, we pride ourselves on our SAFETY FIRST! approach. We follow and adhere to all safety requirements put forth by Dormark management and that of the company we are contracted with. Dormark Construction believes in being pro-active when it comes to safety. If we see something that looks like a hazard, not only to us but to all who could be affected, we follow approved protocol and alert the proper personal of the danger.

With multiple crews, Dormark Construction has the ability to complete a variety of projects with varying degrees of complexity on time and on budget. Dormark's lead supervisors, Ed Schlueter and Oscar Amaya, have a combined 42 years experience with our company and have the knowledge to handle any circumstance that may arise throughout the course of our work. Along with the many years of experience comes a familiarity with the contracting authority. Over the years the Department of Transportation has gotten to know our guys and our ability to get the job done and done correctly.

Communication is critical to the success of any project and Dormark is proud of our ability to communicate with the companies we are contracted with and our on-site personal. By making sure that there is a seamless flow of information, we are able to keep our operations moving forward, preventing costly delays or lost days of work.